Shaping the nexus of technological innovation and financial economics


We are a quantitative asset management firm serving institutional investors. We help our clients to achieve their financial goals and create sustainable value across economic cycles. We provide strong, reliable returns through resolute commitment to statistical methods and proprietary innovation in machine learning research. We engineer machines uniquely equipped to execute superior equity and multi-asset strategies.


We develop and manage liquid financial products institutional investors want to have and keep. We achieve this by exploiting the full potential of machine learning.

Driven by research

We constantly challenge the status quo and established assumptions. We consistently improve performance by dedicating ourselves to innovation in statistical methods and machine learning.

Conscious of risk

We are committed to maximal reliability and transparency. We enable a robust risk management by relentless data analysis and superior modeling of market dynamics.

Empowered by people

We build our performance on the excellence of our team. We foster and sustain an environment where both individual creativity and productive teamwork are highly valued.

Join our Team

"Disrupting financial markets using deep learning"

Our team members have previously founded tech companies, worked at Germany's top banks and performed research at the world's most renowned universities.

We are based in Berlin and are looking for team members that enjoy working with us on challenging but rewarding problems at the very state-of-the-art in machine learning, engineering and finance.

If you share our passion for a strong engineering culture at the intersection of computer science and finance we would love to hear from you.

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